Establishment of Vietnam International Business Connection Club

On February 9,  Vietnam International Business Connection Club (VIENC) was established in Ho Chi Minh City, and  a seminar on “Economic Outlook 2022” was held. 

 The event was attended by Mr. Phùng Công Dũng, Chairman of the Overseas Vietnam Committee of Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnamese business leaders are trying to promote sales in overseas markets. Head of a political institution that supports trade and trade promotion in Ho Chi Minh City and elsewhere …

At the event, Assoc. Professor Trần Đình Thiên, a former director of the Vietnam Economic Research Institute, gave an overview of Vietnam’s economy in 2022, focusing on opportunities and challenges for the business community to prepare with confidence.

It is clear that the trend of foreign investment in Vietnam is rising sharply, and Vietnam is “peaking” thanks to “quick” vaccination campaigns and state timely support policies to improve quality of life. Overcame. Increased routes and  public investment … a precursor to 2022.

VIENC is a business club established with the mission of bringing together Vietnamese and international business people, such as overseas Vietnamese business community, Vietnamese foreign business community, and Vietnamese business community. Sharing business opportunities and cooperating for mutual development within the framework of Vietnam’s international trade relations activities, which, like many countries, face many difficulties and challenges  from 2020 to the present. ..

VIENC has been approved by many well-known experts such as Assoc. Professor Dr. Trần Đình Thiên, Former Director of the Vietnam Economic Research Institute, Member of the  National Monetary  Policy Advisory Board, Member of the Central Theoretical Council. Alternatively, Steve Bui, President of Delta E & C Japan, has over 30 years of experience in  foreign investment FDI in Vietnam and M & A advice in the financial and real estate sectors.

VIENC Club aims to promote ties, unite Vietnamese businessmen from all over the world, help overcome difficulties and achieve economic recovery, attract domestic and foreign businessmen, including board: 

  Business club chairman Đinh Vĩnh Cường,  365 group chairman, responsible for connecting the Japanese market.

Matsuo Tomoyuki, Vice Chairman of the Entrepreneurs Club, Chairman of the Vietnam Japanese Cuisine Association, in charge of the Japanese market.

Vice President of entrepreneurial club Lê Bá Linh, President of Pacific Foods Company, responsible for markets in  the US, Thailand, Canada and Australia.

Zhou Xiao Ping, Vice President of Entrepreneurship Club, Director of Tsingtao Vietnam Beer Company, Responsible for the Chinese market.

Club Vice President  Mai Trinh, Senior  Advisor to the King of Cambodia, in charge of the Cambodian market.

Vice President Arnold Đặng Chung Hiếu, President of Universal Peace Friendship & Brotherhood Vietnam, Global Ambassador of ARHI Vietnam.

Standing Vice Chairman of Entrepreneur Trần Duy Khiêm, an expert in the top 10 of Vietnam’s Logistics industry, Director of 365 Connect Joint Stock Company, in charge of the club’s operations.

Mr. Steve Nhân, Vice President of 365 Connect Joint Stock Company, in charge of Event Organization.

VIENC is committed to 4 connectivity solutions to support the Entrepreneur community including:

About Policy: Listen to difficulties and challenges in administrative procedures, economic incentives and synthesize and send recommendations to the right authorities.

About “Inputs”: Linking “collective purchase” of production, business, and service materials.

About “Output”: Exchange, learn experience, connect business opportunities.

About Management Capacity Building: Knowledge sharing, market information, governance, business visits, seminars to talk in depth about specific management issues.

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