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On February 9, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam International Business Connection Club (referred to as VIENC) was launched with the desire that domestic and foreign businessmen connect and support each other to overcome difficulties. . . VIENC is a business club established with the mission of connecting Vietnamese and international businessmen, including the overseas Vietnamese business community, the foreign business community in Vietnam as well as many countries, in order to share business opportunities, cooperate for mutual development in the context of Vietnam's international business connection activities facing many difficulties and challenges from 2020 until now.

Mr. Dinh Vinh Cuong, Chairman of VIENC Club said, “The pandemic has severely affected the entire business sector in general and in particular, causing countless difficulties for hundreds of thousands of SMEs across the country. Therefore, the launch of VIENC Club is a favorable step for all Vietnamese businessmen at home and abroad to have a place to connect and support each other in the most convenient way during difficult times. "

At the event, Associate Professor Ph.D Tran Dinh Thien, former director of the Vietnam Institute of Economics, presented a macro picture of Vietnam's economy in 2022, which raised opportunities and challenges for the business community to make solid preparations. The bright signs noted by Mr. Tran Dinh Thien are: The trend of foreign investment in Vietnam has increased sharply, Vietnam has overcome the "peak epidemic" period thanks to the "speedy" campaign of greening vaccines, the support timely assistance. State policies in reforming and increasing public investment… will be very promising in 2022.

Mr. Phung Cong Dung, Chairman of the Committee on Overseas Vietnamese in Ho Chi Minh City, said that in order to support businesses, it is necessary to have innovations and go in-depth, both in line with international commitments and meeting standards. international standard. In order to understand the business situation, the club needs to diversify and improve the efficiency of forms of gathering and advocacy such as organizing the Vietnam Business Forum abroad, having a plan to effectively implement the agreements. free trade agreement. by Trade - FTA; organize activities to connect and promote overseas Vietnamese resources to support and promote labor export for localities; proactively provide information on Party and State policies, encourage overseas Vietnamese businessmen to invest and do business in Vietnam as well as in Ho Chi Minh City; further strengthen the connection of domestic and foreign businessmen through information channels, including the electronic information channel...


High quality connections between domestic and foreign companies and entrepreneurs.


Share business / cooperation / investment opportunities.


Improve management ability and lifestyle.


Contributing to the community by volunteering, supporting the poor and disabled children.
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